Film Club is starting at the café in January!

cinema-ticketWe don’t have any rules in our club, but we do have a promise. We want everything we show to be informative, intriguing or inquisitive. There’s fantastically interesting films out there that you can’t watch down your local multiplex and we promise to show you a small selection of them, whether old, new, or sometimes slightly bonkers.

The film will always start at 1930, and we’ll have some great snacks for munching on. Hot food will also be available; either turn up beforehand from 1830, or reserve something to have during the film. To keep your throats lubricated for the discussion afterwards we’ll have plenty of wine and beer on hand, alongside hot and cold soft drinks.

Spoonweb will be on hand to kick off a bit of filmic discussion when the screening has finished and we’ll try and get a relevant speaker along too to make things interesting.  You don’t have to get involved though, we’ll be equally happy for you to turn up, watch the film and have a drink and then toddle off home.

We’re starting off Film Club 21st January with ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien’. It’s £7 for a single screening or if this is something you see yourself coming to regularly, you can buy yourself a loyalty card for £30 which entitles you to six films. We’ll do this every month at least once, starting off with a film on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Future screenings will include Roar, Nuts in May, The Shock Doctrine and Cartel Land.  There will also be potential for member involvement in future choices if we have a lot of call for something!

Tickets will be available from the café, Spoonweb or Herbaceous.  Special thanks also to Tatton from Whitstable Jaws who has helped us kick this off and will be providing the equipment.